The Porter County Substance Abuse Council has drug testing kits available for Porter County parents of minor children. Kits are $5 and test opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, methamphetamines, and marijuana.

CALL 219-462-0946 to setup an appointment for the kits.



The kits test for six (6) substances:



The testing set that the Council sells requires a minimum sample of urine as noted on the side of the cup.  There are 5 validity tests – ensure that the sample urine is valid by reading the results of all 5. Samples can be altered via substitution, diluting or adding adulterants that mask the drug being tested. 


The 5 validity tests in our kits test for these alterations:


  1. Temperature – make sure that the temperature of the sample is within range
  2. Creatinine – normal creatinine in the sample shows an undiluted sample – the color should be rust/red/orange in color, not tan
  3. Specific Gravity – this tests for sample dilution – normal color should be green, not blue or yellow
  4. Oxidant – testing for the presence of oxidants – color should be white/cream/beige, not blue, orange or brown
  5. Control – above the Test lines there should be a solid line for the Control.

    If any of the invalid results occur you have a bad sample – throw out and start over.
    Follow the 5 steps on the How To Conduct the Test to read the test. Be sure and take the cup to a private room and close the door (your bedroom).  Wait the allotted time, read the results and determine what you will say to your child.
    (Click here to learn how to use the test)

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